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Dog Walking and Canicross Equipment.
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K9 Fitness and the Purple Paw store have your dog exercise needs covered

Is your dog home alone for the majority of the day? Do you have a high energy dog who is still full of beans after a walk – even if you’re tired out? Would your dog benefit from being slimmer and fitter? Yes?

Then perhaps K9 Fitness is the perfect solution for your dog! Dogs who are left alone for much of the day can develop behavioural issues due to physical and psychological frustration. By letting us run ( Canicross ), cycle ( Bikejor ), scoot, swim, hike or walk with your dog you will be giving him/her the exercise he/she deserves and then some!

Your dog will get more than just a trot around the local park. He/she will be getting out and about on beaches, in woods and up & down hills so even if they’re walking, they will still be increasing their fitness levels.

Dogs crave company so he/she will be getting the opportunity to exercise and socialise which means you will come home to a happy and healthy dog. Canicross, Bikejor, Scootering, Mushing, Swimming etc. are a great way to exercise your dogs, meet new people and learn new skills.

If you are interested in finding out more PRESS HERE to ask.

Please note: Dogs need to be over 10-11 months to Canicross and over 18 months to Bike/Scoot. We cover Bracklesham Bay, The Witterings, Birdham, Itchenor, Sidlesham, Almodington, Earnley, Donnington, Chichester, Dell Quay and surrounding areas.

We also offer house/pet sitting, let outs, puppy visits, feeding including other pets too. Nature’s Menu dog food (includes frozen raw food etc.), Zero DC and much much more.