Zero DC Bungee Lead


Zero DC Bungee Lead


This Zero DC Bungee Lead is suitable for pulling and general dog walking.  The line is fitted with a bungee, which prevents sudden jerks when running, walking, bikejoring, dryland mushing, mushing, skijoring and scootering with your dog.

They have a shock absorber and are suitable for dogs over 10 kg .  They also have a strong BRONZE carabiner at each end.

This line is lightweight and with a clip at either end.

The available  lengths are as follows:

1.9m (stretched)- Suitable for Canicross and walking

2.7m (stretched) – Suitable for Bikejor, Scooter, Skijor etc.

2.5m (stretched) – 2 dog line suitable for Canicross, Walking, Bikejor, Scooter, Skijor, Mushing etc.

It is used together with a dog harness and belt or bikejor arm or scooter arm


  • Dryland Mushing (Rigs and carts)
  • Mushing (Sledding)
  • Canicross (running with a dog)
  • Bikejoring (cycling with a dog)
  • Skijoring (cross-country skiing, cross-country skiing with a do)
  • Scooter (scootering)

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1.9m, 2.5m 2 Dog, 2.7m


Black, Blue, Neon Green, Neon Orange, Petrol Blue, Pink, Purple, Red

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